Alternative Domain for a Bookmaker

Sometimes a bookmaker can have several websites with the same lines. We allow replacing the domain that is scanned by us, with an alternative mirror site. Then, upon clicking on the odds link, you will be redirected to the necessary website.

To specify a new domain, go to the filter panel of the Surebets/Middles/Valuebets page and click on Bookmakers. A list of basic bookmakers will open. First of all, let us check if your mirror site is already scanned by us. Click on the "Show all bookmakers" button and browse the full list. If the required site is missing, click on the black triangle near the reference site and then on the Settings icon in the pop-up menu.

Black triangle near the bookie`s name

There will appear a settings page with a number of options for a bookmaker.

Basic Settings

If the required mirror site supports the same structure of links, or if it is only necessary to redirect to the home page, then use the basic option: simply enter the main domain into the Alternative site domain field.

New Domain

The new domain can be a full domain (for example,, or it can miss the initial part (e.g.

If you enter an invalid value and attempt to save the changes, the red error message will appear below the field. Pay attention to the warning and correct the entry.

Wrong domain


Source domain Desired domain "Alternative site domain" field value

Advanced Settings

When you need to specify alternative links with a different structure (e.g., another language), consider Advanced settings. By clicking on the Advanced link, you will be given the ability to replace only specific parts of the URL that come after the main domain. You can make up to 5 substitutions.

Let's look at an example. Imagine that you need to redirect to instead of The substitutions will be as follows:

Advanced Settings for Alternative Domain

More examples:

Redbet Example Pokerstars Example

Press the Check button to ensure that the resulting link is valid. If so, there will appear an event link sample. You can follow this link and see if it is working correctly. To remove a replacement, click on the Cross sign.

If you need to omit a part of the path, leave the replacement part blank. Then it will be removed from the mirror link.

Alternative Domain with a blank replacement

If you experience difficulties with specifying the alternative domain, reach out to us for assistance.